Autumn Retreat

Ocean Breath & Flow Retreat in Cascais, Lisbon, Portugal: 19-25 September 2021

The end of summer is a beautiful time to come together in our hometown – the amazing coast of Cascais. We will celebrate the change into Autumn and its more gentle and airy flow with a special retreat experience by the sea, from 19th to 25th September.

We will begin our days with mindful movement in a rise & shine Yoga practice, and finish with gentle Yoga and Meditation sessions as well. With the theme of autumn and the air element, there will also be special Breathing and Pranayama workshops during the week so that we can dive deeper into our breath and the flow of vital energy it creates. 

We also hope to show our guests a good time while exploring the beautiful surroundings of Cascais in a new and more conscious way. Cascais coast is one of a kind with its vast array of beautiful beaches and the natural reserve area, and we will be sure to take you to our favourite spots. We will explore the wild dunes of Guincho, and have picnics by the sea; visit other less known, more hidden beaches and nooks along the coast that are stunning and rich in landscape; and discover Cascais and its picturesque historic centre.

This retreat will give us another chance to enjoy our hometown outside of busy season. We will stay in a typical and local house near Guincho beach, for an intimate and special gathering of Yoga, Breath and the Sea that will slow us down and prepare us for the more gentle, quieter dynamics of nature’s rest.

What does this experience have in store for you?

* Yoga & Meditation Sessions *
* Breathing Workshops *

* Nature Experiences by the Sea *
* All Vegetarian Organic Meals *

* Local House Accommodation *
* One Hearth Welcome Bag *

For more information, pricing details and bookings, please enquire here.