One Hearth's Story

One Hearth means to become One with the 'Heart of Earth', also known as Mother Nature.

Our journey has reconnected us with Mother Nature and all her elements and we want to show you the way as well. It is in Nature that we belong and for us at One Hearth there is one special place where we feel most inspired and connected - by the seaWe spend most of our time there, becoming one with the vastness of the ocean, flowing with the change of the tides. Hopefully soon with you too.

Conscious Travel Movement

One Hearth is in its essence a conscious travel movement that aims to bring people together, from all over the world, through unique experiences with yoga, nature, community and sustainability. We are based in Cascais, Lisbon, Portugal and will travel wide and far with our conscious movement.

Our experiences are designed to inspire change from within as we believe that real change starts with each and every one of us. 'As within, so without'. We hope to hold space for everyone interested in beginning or deepening their inner and outer journey towards conscious growth. We also believe that by coming together we can make a collective difference and continue to create the change our world needs for a more sustainable, brighter future.

We're excited to welcome you to the One Hearth community & movement - a project for people, with people, on behalf of Mother Earth. Come join us on one of our experiences by the sea - and if we're ever not on the coast, we will always be close to water, that's a promise!

Maria, Founder & Host

Maria is passionate about traveling, yoga, nature and sustainability. She has traveled to more than 30 countries and lived in Portugal (where she is originally from), Spain, France and the UK before making her way East in 2015.

Since then she spent most of her time between India and Sri Lanka where she had the chance to meet and learn from so many wonderful communities that inspired her to start hosting in her home country and create the One Hearth project.

With a background in business, tourism and hospitality managing Surf & Yoga retreats since 2016, she is also a certified Hatha, Yin & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher. Come find her in Cascais, by the sea.

Joana, Retreat Facilitator

Joana is more than family, she’s a soul sister. She’s been going on a similar path towards a conscious lifestyle and has always been a source of inspiration with her discoveries and ideas.

Joana also grew up in Cascais and nowadays lives in the coastal area of Aveiro, central Portugal. Her life journey lead her first to Chinese Medicine, and she is now training to become a Human Design therapist. She's a nature and travel lover and has spent time in Switzerland, China and Sri Lanka.

Together, Maria and Joana will be hosting One Hearth's retreats and look forward to having you join this community of conscious travellers sometime soon!

To find out more about our movement, please enquire here or follow us @onehearthmovement.