Summer Retreat

5 Elements of Nature Retreat in Douro Valley, north of Portugal: 20-26 June 2021

We will meet at Quinta da Xandica in the magical region of Douro for a unique experience of immersion with Nature and with the practice of Yoga. Together we will explore the five elements of Nature and play with their presence and essence in dynamic activities with our surroundings. Join us at the start of Summer, from 20th to 26th June.

Our retreat includes daily Yoga sessions in the morning and afternoon as well as meditation sessions in the evening. Besides that we will enjoy the beautiful outdoors and the natural surroundings of Douro with group activities that are themed with each of Nature’s 5 Elements – Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Space. There will be lots of surprises waiting for you in a relaxed, fun and open environment with plenty of opportunity for group gatherings and personal time.

Quinta da Xandica is a traditional and family-owned wine farm in Douro Valley that has become like a second home to us. Our dearest friend & One Hearth ambassador Matilde, who is the kindest host you’ll ever meet, runs a local lodge there and the farm has been in her family for almost a century now. It’s a truly unique place with one of the most breathtaking landscapes we’ve ever seen.

We will also enjoy yummy vegetarian meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, prepared by us and with as much of the farm’s organic produce so that you can enjoy delicious local & seasonal food. 

What does this experience have in store for you?

* Morning Rise & Shine Yoga *
* Evening Yin Yoga & Meditation *

* Dynamic Nature Experiences *
* All Vegetarian Farm Meals *

* Farm Lodge Accommodation *
* One Hearth Welcome Bag *

For more information, pricing details and bookings, please enquire here.