Winter Retreat

A Journey to Discover Yourself in Sri Lanka: 26 December 2021 – 1 January 2022

This end of the year experience is our chance to celebrate the close of a cycle in a special and different way, and prepare ourselves to enter a new one with refreshed energy and high spirits. We will visit one of our favourite communities in Sri Lanka, the beautiful seaside village of Talalla where Maria lived for over two years back when she was spending most of her time in Asia.

This journey is meant to give you adventure and discovery of a new place and a new community with its very own local culture, tradition & gastronomy and the friendliest and most welcoming people. Through the week you will find yourself discovering new parts of your self, as each experience will be one of a kind and designed to show you something new, unique and different.

To complement the adventure side of this retreat, there will also be daily Yoga and Meditation sessions by the sea, to energise us in the morning with the rising sun over Talalla beach; and to ground us at the end of the day so we can unwind and rest for the evening. We will be staying right next to the beach, in a local and family-owned guesthouse that was our home for a while and whose owners are a delight to meet and get to know. They will make sure to take really good care of us and prepare yummy local meals for our indulging.

This retreat is also an opportunity to travel and get a bit of that warm, wanderlust sensation before we take a break, hibernate and retreat with ourselves during winter – because every season serves a purpose.

What does this experience have in store for you?

* Sunrise Yoga at Talalla beach *
* Sunset Yoga & Meditation *

* South Sri Lankan Adventures *
* All Vegetarian Local Meals  *

* Local Guesthouse Accommodation *
* One Hearth Welcome Bag  *

For more information, pricing details and bookings, please enquire here.